Tygris ERP industrial manufacturing solution provides you with the right kind of information for quick and more effective decision making and business planning.

It delivers by providing seamless end-to-end control, and enhanced visibility in the form of intelligent dashboards and consolidated reports. Product is offered on Software-as-a-Service basis which ensures minimum and predictable IT investments for the client.

Why Tygris ERP ?
  • Build By Expert

    Built by the manufacturing experts for the enterprise cloud, Tygris manufacturing ERP integrates all the business process functionalities.
  • Seamless Integration

    Tygris manufacturing ERP seamlessly integrates all business processes into a single solution.
  • Configurable ERP Solution

    Tygris Cloud ERP is designed as complete configurable ERP solution for businesses to choose the features, deployment option that fits their specific need.
  • Flexible and Cost Effective option

    As Cloud ERP, It is flexible and cost effective option for small-medium businesses and offers extensive benefits for growth and expansion.
Single point of control

Being an integrated product, Tygris offers a single point control over all aspects of business processes involved in manufacturing such as inventory, materials resource planning, purchasing, manufacturing, finance, human resources, marketing and sales..

Closely held processes allow users to exchange information effectively so that planning is more effective, facilitating informed and collective decisions.

High profitability
Improved flow of information reduces operational costs, improves accuracy in all prediction & decision making activities, resulting in marked difference in profitability and overall functioning.
Low investments and hassles
Tygris ERP is a cloud-based ERP solution that enables users to focus on core manufacturing activities instead of managing computers and networking troubles faced by most companies who opt for on-premise solutions.

It also saves lot of cost as compared to on premise solution.

Simple user interface
Consistent appearance across modules leads to smaller learning curve and less training for users.
Forms are designed with a focus to impart business function knowledge to users.

Utilization: Strong architecture ensures performance under increased utilization levels. Keeping in mind future needs of growing customers, we support increased storage needs.

Platform: Tygris is well crafted to suit any environment in which it functions. Responsive and web browser based designs have completely eliminated the dependency on the device's operating systems.

User count: Tygris is designed to offer scalability in terms of adding several users at once and providing access, licenses, and security authorizations immediately.

Functionality: Tygris is open to addition of newer functionalities making it plausible to manage new processes and departments. Security, workflows, reporting can be altered smoothly to suit the addition of new modules.

User role mapping and flexibility
Various roles are created with permissions to deny, grant and allow features to users.
Role center helps to control or restrict information flow across organization.
Regular updates
Tygris solutions are constantly evolving. All enhancements and upgrades are offered to the existing customers through updates.
  • These could be from technological, functional / business , updates, thereby ensuring you are always ahead of competition.
Multicurrency support
Tygris has been designed for Indian Rupees (₹) and American Dollars (US$).
  • Ease-of-Customization

    Tygris can easily be tailored to suit your needs. While it supports Concurrent user and Multi location functionalities, it also can be integrated with external systems via customized interfaces.

  • Ease-of-Use

    Tygris uses Responsive screens supported by all devices and platforms. Enjoy the Ease-of-Anywhere Access and feel connected all the time.


The ERP systems are secured when run on a private cloud.

  • All the transactions at all levels and functions are tracked and log is prepared.
Tygris provides standard interfaces for data transfer and guarantees smooth transition from the existing system.
Tygris team will assist in the transition within finite time and be with the customer every step of the way.
Integration with CRM
Integration with CRM packages gives 360° view of the customer, strengthening customer relations.
Access to critical information and aligned business process to achieve enhanced customer satisfaction.
Automatic Debugging
System support problems are fewer with Tygris.
  • Technical Error triggers automated messages to the support team. In most cases, support team starts its work even before user has raised a ticket.
  • Technical glitches are immediately attended and solved within finite timeframe.
Background Alerts

Tygris requires no user intervention to track issues.

  • The system pre-empts any operational glitches.
  • Automatically triggering alerts.
Reports and statistical analysis
Tygris ERP in India is designed to generate a multitude of reports
  • Information is seamlessly visible and accessible for monitoring operational work, decision-making, and many other functions.
  • Intelligent analytical tools have been incorporated to allow insights into business processes, identify potential problem areas, and provide easy data analysis.
  • Drill-down reports have been incorporated to provide an interactive information system, enabling you to compare and evaluate the data gathered.