Tygris Solutions

Tygris Manufacturing Cloud ERP is an unified platform that helps you drive your manufacturing operations delivering high performance. Tygris gives a competitive edge to your business through its -wide and tightly held- range of solutions.

Business Modules

Tygris business modules help manufacturers to be more agile in response to industry changes, regulations and customer needs.

Customer & Sales

Sales Enquiry: Records all necessary details about an inquiry so that concerned team members are always kept informed about the critical customer requirements.

Sales Quotation: Standardizes the communication format so that no important information is omitted. Follow-up: Keeps track of all potential inquiries and enables the sales team to have a complete visibility.

Sales Order: Captures all the details of an order so that there is no ambiguity.

Sales Invoice: Ensures a proper invoice is offered to the customer as per the customer purchase order terms and conditions.

Dispatch Instructions: Ensures proper delivery locations for each consignment with all the information related to dispatch.

Follow-Up: Keeps track of all potential inquiries and enables the sales team to have complete visibility.

Customer Schedule: Maintains all the customer requirements related to quantity and delivery.

Document Management

Inherent workflow management ensures all the documents are stored and archived in an organized manner to retrieve them as and when required.

Accounting & Finance

Receipts: Records all the payment receivables tagged to each invoice.

Purchase Voucher: Records all the purchase transactions along with the applicable taxes.

Supplier & purchasing

Purchase Inquiry: Standardizes the inquiry format.

Purchase Quotation: Records all the supplier specific information.

Purchase Order: Ensure all the end user requirements related to quantity and delivery as well as the taxation as applicable.

Procurement Schedule: Maintains all the user requirements so that purchase can be made just in time and ensure right material at right time in right quantities.

Quotation Matching: Compares all the decision making parameters in all quotations.

Manufacturing Modules

Tygris manufacturing modules provide a real time view of your operations for taking timely and appropriate decisions.

Inventory Management

Goods Received Note (GRN): Ensures all the goods receipts are recorded as per PO.

Stock Transfer: Controls all the material movements within the organization.

Goods Issue Note (GIN): Maintains log of materials used against projects.

Opening Stock: For updating any on hand inventory with its purchase.

Cost Store Stock: Gives the status of the stock levels of all parts in store.

Delivery Challan: Initiates material movement Reorder level: Useful for maintaining stock levels of critical parts.

Material Requirement Planning

Populates project / customer wise part requirements ensuring there is no shortfalls during production runs and helps in maintaining customer deadlines.

Production planning & control

Production Plan: Helps in creating a production plan as per made to order (in accordance with customer requirements) as well as made to stock (without customer intervention) strategy.

Material Requisition: Generates material requirements based upon the on hand inventory and open orders against the total requirements.

Production Entry: Records all the parameters relevant to production process.

Testing & Quality

Customized quality plans are created which are used in incoming and finished goods inspection activities.

Tygris ERP solution in India offers unique blend of standardization and customisation to our clients. While offering all standard modules such as Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Production, Quality, Finance and MIS reports, it also offers functions such as 'Administrator' which deals with the authorisation matrix and workflow management.

It also provides user-specific intelligent dashboards, which alert the user regarding the activities that need his/her attention. These can also be integrated with smart messaging systems so that users are always aware and updated irrespective of physical proximity.